Chin Augmentation

The chin is important in maintaining facial balance.  A small chin can lead to a weak appearance and make the nose look larger than it is.  A chin implant can restore facial harmony and balance and will give a more defined look and enhance the shape of the face.

Otoplasty (Ear Reshaping)

The ear is a complex structure that is formed from the fusion of six pieces of embryologic tissue.  As part of this process, the ear that is formed could be too big or too small or have too much or too little cartilage.  This can lead to the top of the ear folding over or protruding and prominent ears.  Sometimes this can be treated within the first few weeks of being born nonsurgically.  However, if these findings persist, otoplasty can reshape the ears to a more normal appearance.  The not only restores balance to the face but also improves self-confidence.

Earlobe Repair

A torn earlobe can result from trauma or other injury.  The most common cause tends to be wearing heavy earrings persistently.  Over time, the weight of the earring stretches the piercing hole into a slit, and eventually can pull all the way through the bottom of the earlobe.  Earlobe repair will allow the patient to return to wearing earrings.

Skin Cancer and Mohs Surgery

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer and is primarily due to prolonged exposure to the sun and UV radiation.  The most common types of skin cancer are basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.  Once diagnosed, surgical excision is the most common treatment.  Mohs surgery is a technique performed by a dermatologist that allows the entire tumor to be removed while maximizing preservation of normal tissue.  While not necessary for every skin cancer, it can be useful on the face to minimize scars from the excision.  Despite this, some cancers can become quite extensive and require movement of tissue from an adjacent area in order to close the defect.  Having this performed by a facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Chen will optimize restoration of function with minimal visible incisions and scars.

Facial Trauma Reconstruction

Accidents can occur at any time and anywhere.  When it occurs on the face, the results can be devastating.  Fractures of the facial bone can occur in addition to lacerations of the skin and soft tissues.  These fractures often lead to functional problems.  Fractures of the jaw can lead to pain and difficulty eating, fractures around the eye can affect vision, and fractures of the nose can lead to difficulty breathing.  Dr. Chen is able to repair these injuries using minimally invasive techniques to restore function as well as cosmesis.  

Scar Revision

Anytime the skin is cut whether it is due to surgery or an accident, the body has to heal by scar formation.  Otherwise the wound would not heal.  It is important that scars on the face be as inconspicuous as possible for obvious reasons.  However, sometimes scars are more noticeable and bring unwanted attention.  Once a scar is formed, it cannot be completely removed but it can be made dramatically better so that it is much less noticeable.  Facial plastic surgeons like Dr. Chen are trained to maximize camouflage of unwanted scars.