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Testimonial 02

I highly recommend Dr. Chen. He did reconstruction surgery on my nose because I could no longer breath at night. I had surgery in the past and the nose virtually collapsed as there was not enough cartilage left in my nose to support the passage of air. His innovative approach to reconstruction worked beautifully and now my nasal passages are clear and it is easy for me to breath again. The best part is that my nose now looks great! He is also a very personable doctor.


Testimonial 01

Have actually never had such medical care. Everything about the visit to the procedure was excellent. Completely professional, courteous, and ethical. The staff along with Dr. Chen were attentive and very present from the moment that you walk into the office. The surgery procedure was beyond excellent. Through the whole experience I felt completely safe, cared for, treated with the utmost care from the nursing staff to the anesthesiologist.


Testimonial 03

Dr. Chen is the best ENT doctor at Cedars-Sinai that I have ever had the pleasure of getting medical attention from. Not only is his office very professional, Dr. Chen has a great demeanor and is extremely good at what he does. I took time off from law school in Ohio to fly to Los Angeles and have Dr. Chen fix my problem, which he accomplished after the first visit, because the doctors out here couldn't fix it after three attempts. Thank you Dr. Chen!


Testimonial 04

Dr Henry Chen is a highly skilled physician. I first went to him for a lip biopsy. Not only did the procedure go smoothly, but I was left with no visible scar and I obtained a much needed diagnosis. Thereafter, I returned to Dr. Chen for a concern regarding problems breathing from my nose. He heard my concerns, performed a scope, and found the result was a lot scar tissue from a previous surgery (by another surgeon) as well as a deviated septum and enlarged turbinates. He gave me options, took into account other illnesses that limited my options, and we both agreed surgery was my best option towards better breathing. I wasn't excited about needing a second or revision surgery, but De Chen addressed every concern or question I had and made me feel confident in his expertise. When I was ready, the attentive and efficient office staff worked with me to obtain approval from the insurance and schedule surgery. At the time of surgery, Dr Chen checked on me multiple times while I was in pre-op, making sure I was comfortable. The surgery was quick, I was left with minimal pain, and I COULD BREATHE. He also called the day after surgery to see how I was doing and remind me of what to do to care for my nose at home. After a short recovery, we are both very pleased with the result. To assure that no scar tissue formed this time, Dr Chen continued to follow up with me for a few weeks. We could not be more pleased with his attention to detail, highly skilled hand as a surgeon, and great bedside manners. He thinks ahead, and takes precautionary measures other surgeons might ignore. And with my health challenges, I truly appreciate that. I have already recommended Dr Chen to others I know with similar nose problems! If you are looking for the best ENT, go to Dr Henry Chen!


Testimonial 06

Dr. Chen is a Cedars-Sinai premiere Physician and skilled surgeon who has implemented a balanced blend of technology and down-to-earth personal contact within his practice that provide almost daily touch-points to provide seamless transition from initial consult to post-procedure care. Dr. Chen's staff are all very likable and professional. This was my first surgical experience and the result is being able to breathe through my nose effortlessly for the first time in my life.

Testimonial 05

Dr. Chen is a true professional in every way. I highly recommend him as he is not only very skilled, but cares about the patient's concerns and takes time to answer any questions. His staff is very courteous and easy to reach to make appointments. He is one of the best around and does return phone calls!


Testimonial 07

If you’re looking for the best plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, look no further. I mean it! I am going out of my way to write this review to save people the pain, frustration, and funds that I had gone through trying to find the right cosmetic surgeon for me. Book an app with Dr. Chen. You won’t be disappointed.

- BK