Ptosis Repair (Droopy Eyelid Surgery)

Droopy Eyelid Surgery Los AngelesPtosis is defined as drooping of the upper eyelid.  This causes the lid to cover part of the eye itself which leads to vision deficits and also causes a tired and sleepy appearance.  Patients often have a hard time keeping their eyelids open and will compensate by arching their eyebrows in an effort to raise their drooping eyelids.

Droopy Eyelid Surgery Overview

There are many causes of ptosis including weakening of the muscle that opens the upper eyelid, congenital weakness, trauma, prior surgery, or neurologic disease.  However, the most common reason is due to stretching of the tendon that attaches to the major muscle responsible for elevating the upper eyelid from aging. Surgery to correct the droopy eyelid will not only restore a more youthful appearance, but will also help improve any visual deficits from the ptosis.  This procedure is often done in conjunction with an upper lid blepharoplasty.