Facial Trauma Reconstruction

Facial Trauma Reconstruction Surgery Los AngelesAccidents can occur at any time and anywhere.When it occurs on the face, the results can be devastating. Fractures of the facial bone can occur in addition to lacerations of the skin and soft tissues. These fractures often lead to functional problems. Fractures of the jaw can lead to pain and difficulty eating, fractures around the eye can affect vision, and fractures of the nose can lead to difficulty breathing. Dr. Chen is able to repair these injuries using minimally invasive techniques to restore function as well as cosmesis.

Facial Trauma Reconstruction Overview

The type of injury determines what is required for reconstruction. Lacerations are repaired using sutures to carefully reapproximate the tissues so they heal with the best results. Fractures involving bone may need the use of titanium plates to hold the fragments in place to allow them to heal correctly. Small hidden incisions are usually used to provide maximum camouflage. Adjunctive procedures may be used to minimize scarring.